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                    1. 北京华仪通泰科技有限公司【官网】
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                    3. 400-901-1718
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                    6. 华仪通泰 > 无损检测仪器 > 铁素体检测仪 > 英国DIVERSE MF300H+磁力仪

                      英国DIVERSE MF300H+磁力仪

                      英国DIVERSE MF300H+磁力仪

                      电  话: 4009011718
                      价  格: 电话询优惠价
                      品牌 英国DIVERSE
                      库存 请咨询产品经理
                      缺货出货日 4-6周(请咨询产品经理)
                      最小订货量 1台
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                       Average, RMS and Peak (absolute &

                      bipolar) modes

                       Multiple units of measurement.

                       Rugged stainless steel probe

                       Magnetic Test Bench mode

                       Built in data logger

                       Continuous bar graph display of level

                       Remembers previous settings

                       High current measurement mode

                       Auto power off, Auto Zero facility

                       Certification to NPL traceable standard

                      Supplied with a protective carrying case


                      Manual Ranges: (Full scale) Low 199.0 G (0.019T)

                      Medium 1999G (0.19T)

                      High 19990G (1.9T)

                      Auto range: Automatically adjusts range with field

                      Selectable units: Tesla, Gauss, Oersteds, kA/m, kA at set range

                      Measurements modes Average, absolute peak, bipolar peak, true RMS

                      Display 4 lines of 16 characters Shows value, units,

                      mode, range and bar graph

                      Internal data sample rate 500 per second

                      Accuracy 1% full scale at 20C

                      Probe size 2.2mm x 6.5mm 100mm long

                      Non destructive testing Magnetic Test Bench mode

                      Logging: 100 Samples, inter sample time

                      1 -1000 seconds

                      Log review and clear: User can scroll through the logged data in

                      groups of 4 and zero the whole database

                      Averaging Data collection and RMS averaging is set at

                      default 16 samples. User can select from

                      1, 16, 64 and 256

                      Bar graph Continuously shows relative reading. Mono or

                      bipolar mode

                      Zeroing Automatic to current field

                      Calibration zero recall for high ambient fields

                      Probe cable length 1.5m typical

                      Calibration: Calibrated by Diverse to NPL traceable standard. 12 month recalibration required for

                      ISO9000 quality standard.

                      Power: 4 standard AA cells , typical lifetime 12 months.

                      Continuous use 30 hours

                      Low battery: Automatically detects and warns user

                      Instrument size: 165 x 100 x 50mm

                      Weight in case: 1.1kg

                      Environmental: 10 - 40C operating, 0 - 80C storage

                      Humidity 0-90% non condensing

                      Display update rate: 0.3 seconds

                      Warranty 12 months

                      24小时在线棋牌-首页 仙豆棋牌官网 - 英国DIVERSE MF300H+磁力仪-北京华仪通泰科技有限公司 真棋牌游戏 - 英国DIVERSE MF300H+磁力仪-北京华仪通泰科技有限公司 网络斗牛游戏 爱玩斗牛 - 英国DIVERSE MF300H+磁力仪-北京华仪通泰科技有限公司